Procerin Research Study

Study Investigator: Dr. Peter Helton
DO FAOCD Study Coordinator: DETUAG Testing Centers

Thirty-two screened volunteer subjects agreed to take part in an IRB approved research study.  These volunteer subjects were initially examined to assess the effects of utilizing a combination application of an ingestible and topical nutritional therapy known as Procerin. Subjects were screened to meet criteria (see protocol). Subjects completed base line "before" questionnaires and photos and an overall assessment was made using commonly accepted hair growth assessment tools in research environments.

In the pre-supplementation testing of this IRB approved research study subjects were examined by either the Study investigator or Study coordinator, photographed and questioned.  Questionnaires used were designed to track subjects overall satisfaction of the product use while photos were taken in an attempt to evidence efficacy of the product during the term. Subjects were then given the supplement and told to refrain from taking any other hair growth product during the 90 day period of the study.

The subjects followed the program for up to 90 days and 21 were photographed, assessed and questioned again at the completion of the study to determine the user satisfaction of the product.

 Before the study these subjects had been experiencing some level of hair thinning and or hair loss. During the retest almost every subject noted that they benefited from the nutritional therapy they used.  As shown in Graph 1 and Figure 2 the overall level of satisfaction is obvious after 90 days with 19 out of 21 stating a level of satisfaction with the Procerin product.

Graph 1:

Level of user satisfaction Graph

In addition, 15 test subjects agreed that Procerin helps to slow hair loss while 5 of the 21 were still undecided/no opinion and only 1 claimed dissatisfaction.

The subjective comments were mostly positive with only one user out of 21 stating they would not recommend the nutritional therapy. 

Even though within only a 90 day term, the results of this research study do lead to the indication that Procerin may be an effective nutritional therapy for thinning hair. The Study Coordinator noted that visual changes are depicted in a number of the 90 day comparison photos (see Procerin Sample 1, 2, 3.)
A study of 180 days or more is recommend by Study Investigator and Study Coordinator in order to validate rate of effectiveness however these study results do indicate Procerin to be an effective nutritional therapy for thinning hair.  90% of those that completed the study stated a level of satisfaction with the product, most after 90 days with a majority using the descriptors 'thicker' and 'more full'.
93.75% of those in the study with opinions agreed that Procerin helped to slow their hair loss (see Graph 2) and 93% of those with opinions stated they would recommend it to friends and family.

Graph 2:

Results from the Procerin Research Study

Procerin Sample 1:
Before After 90 Days
Procerin Before Picture Procerin After 90 Days Picture
Procerin Sample 2:
Before After 90 Days
Procerin Before Picture Procerin After 90 Days Picture
Procerin Sample 3
Before After 90 Days
Procerin Before Picture Procerin After 90 Days Picture

Results from the Procerin Research Study

During the study participants completed a number of questionnaires the answers to which are summarized below in Table 1. and Table 2.

Table 1   Exit Questionnaire Summary
Question Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly
Effective in helping to slow hair loss 5 10 5 1 0
Easy to use 4 6 3 3 0
Would Recommend to Others 6 8 6 1 0

Table  2. Overall Satisfaction
Very Satisfied/Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Somewhat Dissatisfied Dissatisfied
10 9 1 1